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Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Suzanne Silvermoon is very knowledgeable and has gift for teaching.  She made it easy to understand and took the time to explain in depth, the history and philosophy of yoga, the anatomy and physiology as well as the asanas and how to safely modify the yoga poses.    ~ A.K.

​​Suzanne is an amazing teacher who brings the curriculum to life with her enthusiasm for every subject pertaining to yoga.    ~ M.M.

Suzanne is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and wonderful mentor that will prepare you well to begin teaching right away.   ~ M.S.

Client Testimonials

Balanced Life Guidance

Indigo Lotus Yoga​

& Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling

Serving the Greater Seattle, WA Area (Eastside) 

​​Your yoga practice opens both my body and my heart to the energy available to me.  ~ B.K.

Having reached the not so golden years with pain, stiffening and declining range of motion in my joints, which my doctor attributed to aging and which the walking that doctor recommended didn't help, I found the solution in a gentle yoga class with Suzanne Silvermoon.  By the second session I was able to get some of my range of motion back into what had been painful and limited joints.  I no longer needed to take analgesics to get through the night.  For Suzanne, teaching yoga is more than a job.   She is committed to passing along her knowledge for the betterment of others.   ~  F. M.

When I am at other yoga classes, I hear Suzanne's voice in my head instructing me in the details of proper alignment in the pose and how to open up my energy through my breath.   ~ B. T.

We are so lucky to have Suzanne teaching yoga in little Lovell Maine.   ~ L. R.

When you guide Meditation, your words are like an elixir ~ D. G.

​Teachings from the Indigo Lotus 

The Lotus or water lily rises up from the murky, muddy bottom of the water to blossom in glorious beauty at the surface making it a symbol of purity of the soul within the material world.  Indigo is a color associated with the 6th Chakra or Third Eye, extra sensory perception, mysticism, spiritual insight.  Thus Indigo Lotus attunes us to the insights gained through spiritual practice, single-pointed concentration and realization of the blossoming of the soul.  At Indigo Lotus Yoga & Ayurveda you receive expert teachings in yoga and Ayurvedic guidance to draw your life upward out of the murky bottom of imbalance, illness, pain, and dis-ease, to blossom in health, happiness, and peace of mind. 

It is an honor to have contributed a yogic inspired practice in this marvelous book written by my dear friend Dr. Debra Snyder.

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In Ignite CALM: Bliss at Work, Dr. Debra Snyder brings forth holistic techniques and lessons to help readers transform their professional lives for the better. This book takes the steps of embracing conscious business qualities, teaching how to bring your best self to work each and every day and discover true happiness while on the job, no matter what the job.  This book will help you find your bliss.

Indigo Lotus Ayurveda

In ancient times the Vedas were gifted by the Rishis (Seers) as a roadmap and guide for living a holistic human life, that honors and fosters health, happiness and peace of mind.  The vedas did not draw distinct lines between the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda, as they were an integrated way of life, a system of self awareness and self care.  Our modern day culture is awakening to this Satya (truth).  A life and a yoga practice informed by the wisdom gained through adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle honors our unique body-mind constitution (Dosha).  Indigo Lotus Ayurveda Wellness Counseling helps you understand how to modify your diet, daily and seasonal routines,  as well as your yoga practice to support your constitution to evolve into radiant wellness.  Suzanne Silvermoon offers guidance to support you in making informed positive changes to your lifestyle and yoga practice to assist you in cultivating healthy balance to your body, mind and spirit.  ​​

Meet Suzanne Silvermoon

Suzanne Silvermoon, LPN, C-IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist, Ayurveda Wellness Counselor is a transformational healer and teacher who recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of the human experience.  She passionately assists people in transforming their lives into greater health, vibrancy and spiritual awakening.  Suzanne draws from a deep well of 38 years of meditation, personal yoga practice, and study as she expertly teaches the ancient art and science of yoga.  With her wise and compassionate guidance, students and clients learn to free themselves from physical, mental and emotional binds that hold them back from realizing their beautiful radiant self.  Suzanne believes that as each person transforms and awakens, the whole world benefits.

Suzanne is a life long learner of body mind and spirit, and her rich understanding of the physical body draws not only from her extensive practice and study of yoga, but from the wisdom of 23 years working as a holistic nurse.  She is also an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, direct entry midwife, certified in pranic healing, therapeutic touch, and attuned to Reiki.  She has studied the healing properties of gems and crystals, as well as essential oils, which she uses in her private Chi Reisage (physical and energetic healing) sessions. She is the proud mother of her 23-year-old daughter who is thriving in her young adult life.

Inspired to impart the ancient art and science of yoga and Ayurveda, Suzanne is a skilled, experienced, and impassioned trainer for yogaspirit®.  Along with her private yoga therapy and ayurvedic wellness counseling, she teaches spiritually focused energetic yoga classes, yoga focused workshops, guides annual spring and fall ayurvedic inspired cleanse retreats, has spoken at mind, body, spirit conferences, held a regular segment on Heartglow Living Radio, was a staff writer for the digital magazine The Inner Tapestry Journal, and a contributing writer for Seattle Yoga News, and Circle Magazine from Studio Beju.

Indigo Lotus Yoga

Yoga offers us a practice that unlocks the owners manual to live our life in honesty, self love, awareness, clarity, and compassion.  Experience the positive, transformative power, and beauty of yoga from a seasoned practitioner and instructor.  When you study and practice yoga with Suzanne Silvermoon of Indigo Lotus Yoga you gain the benefit of her life-long practice in the healing art of yoga.  Her training as a Certified Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner through  yogaspirit® Studios is rooted in a therapeutic approach to yoga's ancient body-mind-spirit practice.  You will receive the benefit of a yoga practice informed by the wisdom of Ayurveda as taught by Kerala Ayurveda Academy.  You are encouraged to practice within your own sacred space informed by your safe "sage edge".  A space that only you can know through the practice of Svadyaya (Self Knowledge) which Suzanne assists you to know and understand. Through dedicated practice the true and radiant inner self is realized.