​​​​~ Pranic Healing - Chi Reisage 
The inner journey to healing is rich with insights gained by engaging in self inquiry.  If we are living a life out of balance, over time we will begin to manifest various pains and illnesses.  These imbalances can take many forms such as muscle tension, joint pain, fibromayalgia, skin irritations, headaches, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, emotional upheaval, addictions, etc...  The healing techniques applied through Chi Reisage assist individuals in the process of self inquiry to discover the roots of their imbalances and begin the process of working toward better balance and harmony.  Each session of Chi Reisage is individualized as each person's body, mind, spirit will require certain forms of healing techniques to help bring about their optimal health in the moment.  Some of the techniques used in a session include heart centered listening, hands on gentle touch, reiki healing, pranic healing, aroma therapy, crystal healing, creative visualization, sound therapy, and neuroliguistic programing.  Chi Reisage helps the individual release physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that have contributed to disharmony within their being. 
Once these imbalances are relieved, the true and radiant self can shine through with grace, clarity. and creativity.​​

Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling

and Panchakarma Body Care​​

Redmond, WA

Kapha Dosha is comprised of Water and Earth

List of Available Body Care

Diving  Into Bliss

to Reveal Your Inner Light

13 week series


Discover Yoga

​15744 Redmond Way

Redmond, WA

Through much practice and meditation the ancient yogis discovered that surrounding the inner light (Atma) there are several layers or sheaths called Kosas.  The outer most sheath is the physical body, with each successive sheath beneath the body growing ever more subtle and closer to the core of our being.  Each of these kosas corresponds to specific aspects of our being such as the physical, emotional, intellectual etc…  Within these layers dwell habit patterns (Samskaras or Scars) that hold our consciousness in a state of fluctuation and irritation,which obscures the light that dwells at the core of the kosas.  Through the practice of yoga and especially contemplation and meditation, we can begin the process of removing these samskaras from our kosas thus creating healing, and eventually liberation from the effects of these scars.  Through contemplation and meditation we are able to buff out the scars from the sheaths, then like a brilliant diamond the Soul light can shine through.

This series offers:
~ in-depth instruction on the aspects of each of the seven layers (kosas)
~Yoga Postures and Breathing Practices to access, and clear the physical and energetic layers of samskaras
~Meditation practices to illuminate, and liberate the self from the Samskaras
~Journal Prompts to explore potentially hidden Samskaras and then clear them.
~Cost is $275
~16 hours Yoga Alliance CEU Credits Available


Yoga ~ Ayurveda ~ Pranic Healing ~ Workshops

Panchakarma Body Care

Ayurvedic Body Care

Private yoga sessions 
with Suzanne Silvermoon 

Sessions are held at 

~  Yoga Circle Studio
707 Pine Ave. Snohomish, WA

~ Om Yoga Northwes

Lake Stevens, WA

Abhyanga - Dosha balancing herbalized whole body oil application assist in pacifying Vata dosha (air and ether elements), slows the aging process, relieves fatigue, nourishes the nervous system which brings improvement to all the body systems, reduces stress symptoms, and improves sleep.  

Shirodhara - After a short abhyanga to your head, face, hands and feet, a steady stream of Dosha pacifying herbalized oil is gently poured across the forehead while you are lying on the massage table.  Deeply nourishing to the central nervous system, along with activation of the Ajna chakra (third eye) or intuitive center.

Full Abhyanga & Shirodhara - A 45 minute whole body Abhyanga with dosha balancing herbalized oil followed by 45 minute Shirodhara with dosha pacifying herbalized oil.  

Vasti - A dough dam is place upon the skin over an area that is in need of healing such as a back spasm, or knee joint issue, tight painful shoulder area etc...  Warm herbalized oil is pour into the dough dam which then rests over this area for a period of time allowing the tissues to relax with the warmth, and skin to absorb the healing herbs contained in the oil.

Pinda Sweda - Heated bolus' containing herbs are percussed over the body to introduce heat into the tissues, relieving stress, tension and pain.  The heat opens the pores of the skin allowing the medicinal herbs to penetrate through the skin into the tissues.

Swedhana - Hot Herbalized Steam application designed to induce a purification through sweating.  Loosens the toxicities in the body tissues allowing them to flow out of the tissues and back through circulation to be removed through the sweat and other means of waste.  The pores are opened allowing the herbalized steam to penetrate the skin into the body tissues.

Udwarthanam - Herbalized powder is rubbed into the skin in an upward and forceful manner toward the heart.  Designed to reduce the clogging effects of Kapha aggravation, reduce fatty deposits, strengthen muscles and improve skin quality.  Can be done either moist like a paste or dry depending upon the specific issues.

Abhyanga + (Vasti or Sweda) - A combination of a full 60 minute abhyanga with dosha pacifying herbalized oil with either a vasti or sweda treatment to a specific area or full body steam.                                    

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Therapeutic Yoga

Snohomish, WA

Pitta Dosha is comprised of Fire and Water

Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling

Private Yoga Sessions


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Discover Yoga

15744 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052​

 Tuesdays & Thursdays

​6:30-7:45 am Morning Glow Yoga​
A spirited and energetic yoga practice designed to wake up your prana, and align your body, with breath, mind and spirit.


7:00 to 8: 15 pm Diving Into Bliss Series

This series is a deep dive into the inner and innermost practices of yoga to bring to light the subtle layers of our body/mind (koshas).  Yogic philosophy and tools to illuminate and eradicate long held patterns (samskaras) to reveal our radiant inner Self


Indigo Lotus Yoga​

& Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling

Serving the Greater Seattle, WA Area (Eastside) 

Panchakarma is an ancient tradition of holistic cleansing, rebalancing and restoration to health, happiness and peace of mind.  The word Panchakarma translates as Pancha - Five and Karma - Actions.  Through Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling, your unique body constitution (prakruti), and any imbalances (vakruti) are revealed.  If your vakruti or imbalances are left unchecked and not address to bring back into balance, they become the roots of disease.   Panchakarma practices are implemented to assist in the relief of the influences of your imbalances or vakruti.  A specific cleansing and purifying diet and lifestyle guidance is done to prepare the body mind and spirit for Panchakarma.  Then a protocol of cleansing purifications or the five actions are designed to meet your unique health challenges.  There are five specific categories of actions or karmas that are used in the cleansing and restoring practices of Ayurveda and your counseling session will help determine which of these karma would be appropriate to assist you in your return to balance, health and harmony.
​1.  Vamana (Herbal Medicated Emesis)
2.  Virechana (Herbal Medicated Purgation)
3.  Vasti (Herbal Medicated Enema)
4.  Nasya (Herbal Medicated Nasal Administration)
5.  Raktamoksha (Blood Letting: 
not done in the United States)
​During the course of a Panchakarma Purification, there are several traditional Ayurvedic body techniques that assist in the loosening and
elimination of toxicity called (Ama) from the tissues of the body.  

Yoga Circle Studio, Snohomish, WA

6:30-7:45 am Morning Glow Yoga​
A spirited and energetic yoga practice designed to wake up your prana, and align your body, with breath, mind and spirit

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Private Yoga
Yogaspirit ​200 hr Yoga Teacher Certification Training​​​

Led by Suzanne Silvermoon


Dates and Location TBA
The 200 Hour yogaspirit® Teacher Certification is a comprehensive yoga immersion that leads to professional and personal development as a yoga teacher and student. We provide a learning environment with an atmosphere of safety and compassion. A sacred space is cultivated as student teachers dig deep into themselves and intertwine their study of yogic philosophy and spiritual principles creating a foundation for student teachers to gain the self awareness and actualization to teach this art to others.

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​​​Dietary Recommendations 
and Herbal Protocols​​

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During your Wellness Counseling Appointment you will receive an Ayurvedic Assessment.
Your unique body constitution is determined as well as any imbalances.  Then, recommendations will be given in diet, including specific foods and spices, lifestyle modifications, herbal supplements, yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation techniques, marma chiktsa (Ayurvedic Acupressure), energy healing, etc.  Detoxification and purification protocols may be recommended, as well as Ayurvedic Body Treatments.  All of these are designed to bring balance, health and vibrant well-being back into your life.  Click on the image below to discover your unique Ayurvedic Body Constitution.

Dosha Quiz

Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling

Go Within Or Go Without 
means to deepen your awareness of your true self and awaken to Union of Body~Mind~Spirit

~  Private Therapeutic Yoga is an in-depth session designed to bring the practices of yoga, pranayama, meditation and more to address specific imbalances, injuries, or illness in your body, mind, and/or spirit.  Therapeutic yoga involves a comprehensive history to discuss any pertinent issues, as well as current or past injuries that are affecting your overall health and well-being.   I will observe you in several beginning yoga poses and after careful review of how these poses are expressed in your body along with reviewing your health history, I develop a specialized yoga program designed specifically for you to practice at home for your particular healing goals.  We will then meet again for a follow up visit to guide you through  your individualized yoga program.  All personal information is kept strictly confidential.  I look forward to assisting you toward your optimal health through yoga.

Often during your Ayurvedic Wellness consultation, specific dietary recommendation and or herbal formulations are recommended to help you to restore balance and health.  Many of these herbal formulations are culinary herbs that are easily found in your local grocery store or natural food market.  However, there may be some specific Ayurvedic Herbal Formulations or Oils that may be recommended to you.  These would be an additional cost and vary in price.​​

~ Private Yoga is just as the name describes, a private yoga class just for you. Receive in-depth individualized yoga instruction tailored to your needs.  You are encouraged to make an 6 week commitment to these sessions during which you will be guided in yoga poses that will most benefit your body, mind and spirit.  Along with the poses you will receive instruction in yogic breathing practices (pranayama), yoga lifestyle suggestions, and meditation (dharana) practices to best support your continued physical, emotional, and spiritual development.
​Semi Private Yoga is a yoga class for you and either one or two other people in your group.

The Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Clinic

​2115 112th Ave NE Suite 4 Bellevue, WA

Private Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

​(425) 453-8022

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and it is an approximately 5,000 year old science of holistic natural healing.  Each individual is comprised out of a specific ratio of the 5 basic elements of life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.  Knowing your unique body make up of these elements, know as your Dosha or Prakruti helps you to better maintain balance that leads to improved health and overall well-being.

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​​​​​​​​​​​Community Yoga Classes

Vata Dosha is comprised of Space and Air

Illuminating The Energy Body

8 month journey through the chakras of

the Subtle Energy Body

One Friday of each month -  6:45 pm to 8:30 pm

Discover Yoga
15744 Redmond Way - Redmond, WA​​​

Students are enthusiastically encouraged to make time in their lives to not only attend each class in this series, but also to implement what is taught during each session.  Thus, dedicating a month to consistent exploration and application of the practices for each Chakras in the series. As students progress, the discoveries, clearing and awakening of each energy center prepares them for the advancement to the next level up in vibration and complexity.  It is the intention that a true sense of spiritual community or Sangha will arise within the group. To support the Sangha, a system of communication will be arranged so that students can reach out to one-another during the month for support, and sharing, as well as accountability for their practices. The potency of the yogic practices provide the spiritual seeker with unsurpassed tools to awaken to the beauty, and enduring creativity of the consciousness embodied in the human form.  

During each class students will learn:

  • The Sacred Yantra (Geometry) of each Chakra
  • Bija Mantras of each Chakra
  • The Physical and Psycho-spiritual aspects of each Chakra
  • Signs of blockages as well as signs of awakened energy in each Chakra
  • Asana Practices for clearing, opening and awakening each Chakra
  • Visualization and Contemplation Practices for clearing, opening and awakening each Chakra
  • Journal Prompts to stimulate contemplation upon each of the Chakras​

It has been said that the spiritual journey is only about 3 1/2 to 4 feet long; the distance from the root (primal survival) chakra to the crown (universal consciousness) chakra.

March 29th Introduction to the Subtle Energy Body, Prana, Nadis, Chakras

April 26th The Root Chakra - Muladhara  - Survival

May  31st   The Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana  - Intimacy

June 21st   The Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura  - Power

July 26th   The Heart Chakra - Anahata  - Universal Love

August 30th The Throat Chakra - Vishuddhi  - Communication

September 27th  The Third Eye Chakra - Ajna  - Intuition

October 25th The Crown Chakra - Sahasrara  - Universal Consciousness

$200.00 for the full series or $25 per class for drop ins
14 Yoga Alliance CEU's Available for Yoga Teachers