Indigo Lotus Yoga​

& Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling

Wellness Your Way

Several ways for you to approach your wellness through private sessions in time honored practices of Yoga, Breathing, Meditation, Ayurveda Lifestyle Counseling, and Traditional Ayurvedic Body Treatments

Therapeutic Yoga

Comprehensive Individualized Yoga Practice designed to meet your healing goals

Go Within Or Go Without

Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling

​Learn about your unique Ayurvedic Body Constitution and how the simple yet profound ayurvedic lifestyle practices can foster vibrant health

Ayurvedic Body Treatments

Time honored traditional Ayurvedic body treatments designed specifically for your body constitution and imbalances to nurture wellness

Serving the Greater Seattle, WA Area (Eastside) 


Offering several community yoga classes weekly in the Snoqualmie River Valley as well as private yoga instruction and Individualized Therapeutic Yoga 

Ayurvedic Body Treatments

Traditional Herbal Oils, Bolus' and Scrubs used for healing

Ayurvedic Wellness 


 Holistic Health Consult with individualized protocol